Host Training

Creating Flow

“Running a restaurant is like trying to change the tires on a car you’re driving” – Jeff Benjamin 


The hosts have an important function in our restaurants. They are the very first contact guests have with us so they create the first impressions! This can set the tone for the entire evening. Our guests must encounter a smiling, professional person who can give them immediate direction or information. The host stand can be a hectic area. With guests coming and going, other guests checking on tables, planning and seating reservations, answering the phone and communicating with managers and servers looking for information, it takes great patience and organizational skills to handle this position. The organization at the host stand will determine the overall flow of the dining room and the kitchen.

The primary responsibilities are to greet and promptly seat guests, explain the Tablet Menus, plan for reservations, coordinate seating of walk-in guests, answer the phones and give guests a general professional, positive first and last impression.

Other functions include:

  • Being knowledgeable about the restaurants and able to give accurate
  • Following specific established service
  • Following all safety and sanitation
  • Professionally representing the company and the management to
  • Assisting in any other area requested by management (such as clearing tables).
  • Completing all sidework requirements including RESTROOM CHECKS every 30
  • Contributing to the entire service team!

If there is more than one host, one will run the door and the other will seat. Often, there may be only one.


Telephone Etiquette


The Art of the Reservation

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Basic Skills Tests 

Intermediate Skills Test 

Advanced Skills Test