Food Education

“We’ve Got Standards & Scratch Kitchens”

The Mainstreet Ventures partners, including our Executive Chef and the Chef of each property, develop each of our menus. Our objective is to develop menus that are innovative and contemporary with an appeal to many tastes. Our kitchen is a “scratch” kitchen. We make almost everything on premises using specific recipes. We adhere to our recipes strictly to ensure that items will remain consistent from day to day. We are committed to using the best and freshest ingredients. The difference is very noticeable. You will have the opportunity to taste many of our menu items.



Executive Chef: Brent Courson


Cast of Characters

The kitchen is divided into several specific food preparation & production areas:

  • Front Line- where hot items are prepared as It is staffed by the line cooks.
  • Pantry – where cold items (salads, desserts, cold appetizers) are
  • Prep Area- where basic ingredients are prepared for use by the cooks and

Some of the restaurants may have a pizza station or a raw bar or sushi station separate from the other areas.



What’s in a Menu?

Raw Ingredients

  • Herbs
  • Sauces & Spices
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Vegetables
  • Mushrooms


Let’s Talk Seafood

Foley Fish

Fresh Water v. Salt Water


Red Meat



Pasta, Sauce, & Cheese

Types of Pasta