MSV President’s Award


The President’s Award program is a result of MSV President, Michael C. Gibbons’ experience as the National Restaurant Association 2007 delegate to the Air Force Hennessy Award competition. This annual Air Force competition showcases the pride and cleanliness of the base kitchens. The MSV team took that format and created its own comprehensive evaluation program entitled, The President’s Award of Excellence.  The MSV Presidential Award of Excellence is awarded to the MSV restaurant that receives the highest marks during a rigorous inspection series conducted by the MSV executive team throughout the year.  Click here for Mike Gibbons’ diary on the Hennessy travel experience.


Each Coin Winner is a person that exemplifies the MSV standards of excellence, seeking to exceed expectations and deliver memorable dining experiences to guests. MSV restaurant Coin Winners are selected based upon their individual skill sets and overall contributions to their team while exhibiting a high level of skill, grace and professionalism, exemplifying the MSV standards of excellence. This program rewards employees found to be the best of the best in their respective MSV restaurant.


The Overall Coin Winner is given to an employee of a MSV restaurant that received the highest marks during the rigorous inspection series.  This program rewards the employee that is found to be the best of the best in exhibiting exemplary professionalism and guest relations skills as well as an overall contribution to the team.

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