The Chop House Ann Arbor’s Chef Adam VanBerkum Volunteers at Food Gatherers

Food Gatherers, an Ann Arbor, Michigan based non-profit organization, developed the Community Kitchen Job Training Program to promote a culinary connection to at-risk teens helping to give them new skills and focus. The program is part of Food Gatherers’ mission not merely to alleviate hunger, but also address its root causes. The program has successfully graduated 167 at-risk students, and 90% of graduates have pursued further jobs or education within 90 days of graduation. This is the 21st class of the annual program that started on 05/24/2017 and continues until 08/11/2017, with classes held every Thursday and Friday. Chef Adam VanBerkum from The Chop House in Ann Arbor volunteered his time and joined Food Gatherers on July 28th to present a 2-hour demonstration on how to cook a meal of chef’s choice to about 10 young adults. A graduation celebration for the students is to be held on August 17th at the Graduate Ann Arbor. Chef Adam happily donated his time to this event, and continues to participate year-round in charitable programs through his own philanthropic efforts.

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